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anthonyj Looking to coparent

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39 years old
United Kingdom / Warwickshire

Eye Color : Blue
Hair Color : Brown
Hair Length : Short
Body type : Normal

Seeking :
Looking for a co-parent as I would like to be involved with the child... Just to set expectations, I wouldn't want to be rushing into anything only that I think that the co-parents need to get to know each other quite well first... :)

Hobbies : I consider myself an introvert but nevertheless, I have a large social network. I'm a Guardian reader, Radio 4 listener, love Danish TV dramas and live acoustic gigs. I also still like going to music festivals (in case the Radio 4 thing makes me sound old!). I have my own property, which is my current DIY project. Other than that, I am looking to get a campervan. I love camping with friends although cottages probably beat tents nowadays! I'm also vegetarian...

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